Doctors have been drifting away from real medicin. Instead of taking their own profession seriously they let certain psychologists and psychiatrists take over. To cover up for their lack of expertise they have introduced MUPS, medically unexplained physical symptoms.
A recent example. Last year a patient had a terrible itch on the inside of underarms and wrists as well as in the pubic area. The dermatologist looked at it from behind the computer and said: it is defenitely a fungal infection. He prescribed some ointments, but after a month the patient still had an incredible itch. He went back to the hospital. Since the dermatologist was away visiting a scientific meeting, a colleague took over in his place. This second doctor, an older man took a big magnifying glass and observed the skin very thoroughly. He found out the patient suffered from scabies. The patient was sent home with the appropriate medication and an advice how to handle cloathes and desinfect the house. The complaints disappeared completely.
But then, three weeks ago, the complaints came back. The patient went back to his own dermatologist, the first one. He told the doctor that the scabies had returned. The dermatologist was convinced this was no scabies. No signs could be found. The rash that was visible, was the result of patients own scratching. Since no signs could be found, the dermatologist sent the patient to a psychologist. He thought the patient persevered in his old complaints. According to the doctor the itch had a psychological ground.
The patients partner, who in the mean time had developed the same symptoms, did not accept this approach. They went both for a second opinion to the second dermatologist. The same procedure with the magnifying glass took place and again the conclusion was scabies. To be sure they did some labtests that confirmed the diagnosis scabies.
No false illness beliefs here, just a lack of expertise. No medically unexplained physical symptoms but medics unfounded pseudoscientific stupidity.


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