How to manipulate members of parliament; a recipe

  1. Do not give too much information: instead of an elaborated document you present a “factsheet”;
  2. Make sure you start talking about the less important and safe subjects;
  3. Create the impression of an open atmosphere;
  4. Keep talking;
  5. Tell them you’re very pleased with your achievements;
  6. Make sure that there will be not enough time left to discuss the subject you do not want to talk about;
  7. Do not mention the real name of the subject, call it an issue;
  8. When you get a difficult question: start talking a lot again;
  9. Beat around the bush;
  10. Never give a real answer;
  11. Discredit non-convenient opinions, persons or institutions by talking of less scrutiny, suggest that influence can be bought and chuckle;
  12. Explain there is not enough quality on that side;
  13. Exaggerate the amount of developments that will make it necessary to do a new review;
  14. Emphasize the need of scientific proof;
  15. Make sure you emphasize the state of the art at this moment. That will garantee there will be no changes, since you have degraded (see nr. 11) new developments;
  16. Especially do not mention what selections you will make and which criteria you will apply;
  17. Narrow it down to research in your own country that is not threatening because your committee has influence on that;
  18. Be obscure about the process you have followed in appointing the committee of experts, but present that as if you were very open;
  19. Tell them you have invited  opponents to have a talk (which cannot be verified because you do not mention who you talked to);
  20. Tell them that it will be impossible to keep everybody satisfied, even if you did so many efforts to realise that situation.
  21. End with a brilliant remark: one plus one is two!




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