Questions for Hans Knoop on PACE REVIEW

March 2016, I asked dr. Hans Knoop twice on linkedin for a reaction on the severe flaws the PACE-trial is known for at this moment, and on his role towards PACE. Today I added an email containing my questions.
Hans Knoop is a clinical psychologist and head of the Knowledge (and treatment) Centre for Chronic Fatigue (NKCV), part of Radboud University Medical Centre in Nijmegen. Amongst other publications on CFS, he published an article in The Lancet in 2011, together with his colleague professor Gijs Bleijenberg. They showed their enthousiasm about the outcomes of the PACE trial and added something extra to the results.

The questions I asked him were:

1. What is your reaction on the fact that severe flaws have been found in the PACE-trial?
2. Why didn’t you mention these severe flaws?
3. How can it be explained that several outcome parameters, described in the protocol, were scratched from the outcome measurements?
4. What is your explanation concerning the fact that you and Bleijenberg added an extra percentage to the supposed positive outcomes of this trial?
5. What is your explanation for using rather flexible criteria for “severely ill” or “recovered” on SF36PF?

He didn’t answer. Why would that be?
a. He didn’t see my questions yet? That would be nice. Surely I can expect his answers very soon!
b. The described problems were there and he didn’t see them? That would be strange for a scientist publishing about the outcomes of this trial.
c. The problemes were there, he saw them and he decided not to mention them? That would be even stranger for a scientist publishing about the outcomes of this trial.
d. The described problems are not there? In that case there is a lot of evidence that has to be refuted!

Thus, meanwhile I am waiting for a reaction.

March 5th, 2016
Lou Corsius

Geachte heer corsius,
Wij leveren een actieve bijdrage aan de disscussie rondom me/cvs op onze website (, met onze publicaties, in onderwijs en met presentaties. Het lukt mij en mijn collega’s niet daarnaast ook via email e.d., uitvoerig met mensen in discussie te gaan. Het ontbreekt ons simpelweg aan de tijd om dit te doen. Graag uw begrip hiervoor,
Vriendelijke groet,
Hans Knoop – See less

dear mr. corsius
We actively contribute to the discussion on me/cfs on our website (, through our publications, education en presentations. My colleagues and I cannot discuss with people by mail or otherwise. We simply don’t have time to do this. Your understanding for this please.
Kind regards
Hans Knoop
My interpretation of this non-answer is that mr. Knoop does not want to discuss these questions because they point to a truely painfull fact: the PACE-trial lacks scientific grounds and they (Bleijenberg and Knoop) know this is true.
In the mean time Knoop was appointed as a member of the committee of the Dutch Health Council, advising on ME.

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